Target's 'Store of the Future' looks super sleek

'What's Up With Hayley': My Crush on Target
'What's Up With Hayley': My Crush on Target

Well, looks like Target's hitting the bull's-eye with a major makeover in its biggest market, California. The retailer announced that they're overhauling 25 stores in Los Angeles with 35 of the top store improvements that have been in testing phases nationwide. The makeover is part of the company's aptly named LA25 pilot initiative, which acts like a laboratory for the store that always takes our money—and with 39 full-store remodels planned for this year, there's a chance that this makeover will come to a Tar-zhay near you.

The changes can mainly be seen in the retailers' layout and displays. Stores feature updated signage, better lighting, and more locally produced products and brands. See for yourself:

One can only hope that all these changes eventually become a nationwide trend. Either way, we must admit that the Target of the future is looking pretty bright.

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