Pop star Mayu Tomita stabbed 20 times by alleged stalker

GoldieBlox CEO: Building Role Models for Girls
GoldieBlox CEO: Building Role Models for Girls

TOKYO — A pop star was stabbed more than 20 times by an alleged stalker before a performance in Tokyo.

College student, Mayu Tomita, 20, was in critical condition Monday after being repeatedly knifed in the chest and neck.

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Police told NBC News that 27-year-old Tomohiro Iwazaki was arrested at the scene on Saturday.

Citing police sources, the Yomiuri Shimbun daily reported that Iwazaki told investigators he had obtained a knife with the intention of killing Tomita.

According to local reports, Tomita had previously returned a gift that Iwazaki had sent to her.

A Twitter account believed to belong to Iwazaki — which has since been suspended — included a message in January stating that he mailed her a wrist watch.

But a month later, the tweets turned angry with the user saying he would never forget the fact that the pop star was "looking down upon him."

Just before her violent encounter, Tomita had posted on her blog that she as looking forward to seeing her fans.

Billboard reported that "in 2011 Tomita ... was chosen to star in the online series 'Secret Girls' and perform under the same moniker. The show was about five normal junior high school girls who lead secret lives as J-Pop stars."

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