NASA image of Earth reignites North Pole is hollow conspiracy

NASA Image of Earth Reignites North Pole is Hollow Conspiracy
NASA Image of Earth Reignites North Pole is Hollow Conspiracy

By: Troy Frisby/Patrick Jones, Buzz60

NASA's new pictures of Earth are reigniting conspiracy theories straight out of "Journey to the Center of the Earth."

These are previously unreleased images of our blue marble planet, showing the North Pole and what appears to be a giant hole there.

Now conspiracy theorists say NASA is hiding the fact that Earth is really hollow and that inside is another world, where aliens and animals that look like woolly mammoths live.

There's also a theory that there is a portal to another dimension and another that says there's a black hole there.

Click below for some of the best photos on NASA's Instagram:

These theories have been around a while, ever since an explorer visited in the '20s and came back to say he was attacked by flying saucers and that an advanced civilization was sitting up there.

It's been backed up by some, who believe the government has put a ban on planes flying over the North Pole.

That's not exactly true, since planes fly within a few dozen miles of the North Pole daily.

And if you're on one of those flights, you may catch a glimpse of it.