McDonald's released 'Angry Birds'-themed sandwiches and people are not having it

McDonald's Creates Green and Red Burgers for 'Angry Birds' Movie
McDonald's Creates Green and Red Burgers for 'Angry Birds' Movie

The Angry Birds franchise first blew us away when they announced they would be taking their little iOS critters to the big screen. Now they've done it again by revealing that they would be teaming up with the folks at McDonald's to create their very own bird-themed burgers.

Available only in Chinese McDonald's stores, the sandwiches will come in two varieties -- one in chicken and one in pork.

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The other main component that has people talking? The colorful buns are offered in either red or green to coordinate with the franchise's main characters -- a hack that we find both cute and creepy due to the fact that they are cartoon birds being used to promote a chicken sandwich.

The two flavors are the 'Naughty Green Pork Burger,' which comes with a pork patty, egg, lettuce, a mystery sauce with jalapeños and green buns. The other has been dubbed the "Super Red Burger," and is a chicken patty topped with a pepper mayo, eggs, lettuce and tomato.

As with most McDonald's products, however, the internet's opinions has been mixed -- some angry, but mostly glad, that the "creative" sandwiches didn't make their way over to the Americas.