Food from gas stations may not be safe to eat

That Food From A Gas Station May Not be Safe to Eat

By Amanda Kabbabe and Jordyn Rolling, Buzz60

Did you know gas stations make more money from selling food than from selling gas?

You may not think twice before grabbing a bag of Cheetos, but you might want to consider the cleanliness of the station before picking up some grub.

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Though gas stations undergo the same health regulations as restaurants, they may slack when it comes to food and hygiene.

A food safety inspector went undercover to get to the bottom of the issue. He found the main problem stems from poor employee hygiene.

Multitasking employees can be the culprits of spreading bacteria.

Handling both money and food without washes in between is a red flag. Gloves should be worn after washing hands, and nails should be a reasonable length to limit germ spread.

Another big problem lies within the food storage. Cold foods aren't kept cold enough, and hot foods aren't kept hot enough.

Perishable items should be held at 41 degrees Fahrenheit or colder. Hot foods should be kept anywhere between 135 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even the seemingly safe bags of chips can be tainted. Always pay attention to details like expiration dates and where the food is being kept. Opt to skip the candy bar with a film of dust over it.

A simple, tell-all sign you can look for at your next rest stop? The bathrooms! If the bathrooms are filthy, chances are the kitchen may be too.

Or, you know, just skip that rest-stop snacks altogether and wait for the nearest drive-thru.

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Food from gas stations may not be safe to eat


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