Cat's condition makes him look constantly surprised -- and it's adorable

Cats Who Sleep Like Humans

Meet Kevin, the cute kitty gaining a strong Instagram following for his unusual and permanent expression. He has, Hydrocephalus, which means he has extra fluid in his skull that impacts that position of his eyes.

When he was rescued four years ago, vets only gave him six months to live. Now he's a rising star on Instagram with nearly 20,0000 followers.

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"He is the happiest, funniest, silliest little kid I know and I'm so glad I was able to give him a chance at life," his owner, Tailah, told LoveMeow. "A chance he grabbed with both paws and ran with!"

See more adorable photos of Kevin and his adventures:

Kevin the constantly surprised cat
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Cat's condition makes him look constantly surprised -- and it's adorable
Morning playtime in the garden ☀️☀️☀️
Tunnel time! 🌀☀️
Throwback to a little baby Kev! 😍
I told you already! You can't wash the bed sheets! I'm still sleeping here! 😼💤
Tunnel time! 🌀💜
Little angel pie! ❤️
My mama loves my crooked nose 😹
Taking part in @cuddleclones Thankful For My Pet Contest! #CCthankful14 | I am thankful to have Kev to brighten my day- each and every day. I couldn't imagine life without those eyes to melt my heart! ❤️😍🐱
Raaahhh! Big, tough Kevin playing in the wild! 🌻🌿🐯
Sunday is fun day! ❤💕
Good morning! ❤
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