Ashlee Simpson reveals she's recording an album with her husband, Evan Ross

Jessica Simpson Double Dates With Ashlee
Jessica Simpson Double Dates With Ashlee

By: Gibson Johns

Anyone who's been anxiously awaiting Ashlee Simpson's return to music needn't worry: The "Pieces Of Me" hitmaker has been hitting the studio recently, and she hasn't been doing it alone.

"Evan and I are making an album together," she revealed exclusively to AOL at a recent "Clean Slate" event thrown by Swiffer and Mr. Clean. "Both of us were in the studio separately, and then one day we were like, 'Let's go together!' It's been really fun to do it together. It's special."

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Evan, of course, is her husband, Evan Ross. A musician himself, Ross is no stranger to making music, and he grew up with musical genius around him: Diana Ross is his mother.

Might one of Simpson's children record anything for their upcoming joint album? Her son with ex Pete Wentz may find his way onto a song -- "Bronx is really into music," she told us -- but at this point, he's just busy being a 7-year-old boy.

Dealing with Bronx, 7, and his little sister Jagger, 10 months, can be a difficult task, but Simpson says that it's incredible important for her to keep a balance in her life between her family and her career, and it doesn't hurt that Ross is an excellent help with the kids.

See photos of Ashlee Simpson and Jonathan Scott at the "Clean Slate" event:

"It's a good balance," she insisted of her life at the moment. "Being a mom and having the kids and doing my music and going to the studio, you definitely have to have a balance in your life with everything. That's been something really important for me, and it's come naturally. My husband is also awesome -- he helps out a lot!"

Simpson said this as she looked across the room at her husband, who was picking at craft services. The real question, of course, was which of the two stars is the cleanest.

"It depends on the day," Ross offered with a grin.

"It does," Simpson agreed. "It depends on who's motivated that day."

Naturally, though, Bronx and his baby sister, Jagger, still manage to leave the house quite messy.

"I feel like we're always spring cleaning in our house," she told us with a laugh. "Especially before having Jagger, it was so important for us to clean the house out and not have piles and clutter everywhere. Now that she's starting to crawl, we're definitely looking at every single speck on the floors. You have to."

Simpson, who points to the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and the Swiffer Wet Jet as her go-to cleaning tools, said that the floors of her home are definitely the hardest for her to keep clean and make her the most nervous with her 9-month-old daughter.

"For me, it's the floor and everything that she's crawling on and touching," she explained. "Everything is magnified! You see what a mess everything is. Especially when [the kids] are putting their hands on the floor and then in their mouth -- you have to be careful! You have to clean the house. Being a mom definitely makes you be on your game in terms of cleaning."

At the end of the day, though, Simpson seems incredibly content with her home life, calling having kids a "clean slate" in and of itself. And, hey, now we have that joint album to look forward to!

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