3 packing tips and affordable weekender bags

Up until this year, traveling was something I loved to do — but rarely had an opportunity to do. This year, I made "Travel More" one of my New Year's resolutions — and I'm so excited I've had an opportunity to go to a variety of places so far in 2016! Some of these trips were for fun, while some of these trips were for business. Nonetheless, it has been really exciting to see new places and meet new people along the way!

With these recent trips and travels, I've had an opportunity to develop a system for packing and traveling in an organized way. Today, I'm excited to share 3 of my favorite tips for packing — along with a collection of affordable weekender bags!

Affordable Weekender Bags

  1. Roll — rather than fold — your clothing. Not only does rolling your clothing help to prevent wrinkles, but it is also a great space-saving technique!
  2. Bring an oversized blanket scarf. Even if you're traveling to a tropical place, I recommend bringing along an oversized blanket scarf for the chilly airplane ride. An oversized blanket scarf can be used as a scarf, of course, as a blanket, or even as a pillow when folded up.
  3. Pack neutral footwear. Shoes can be tough to pack; they can be big and bulky or get flattened in your suitcase. I recommend bringing 1-2 pairs of neutral shoes, so no matter what you choose to wear, your shoes will match!

Affordable Weekender Bags

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