New Jersey voters are sending Donald Trump a clear and brutal message about Chris Christie

Donald Trump Helps Out Chris Christie With New Jersey Appearance
Donald Trump Helps Out Chris Christie With New Jersey Appearance

New Jersey voters really, really don't want Donald Trump to pick their governor, Chris Christie, as his running mate, according to a new poll.

Voters in the state, which holds its primary June 7, made this clear when they said, by a 72% to 18% split, that the Manhattan billionaire should steer clear of their governor, per a Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday.

Garden State voters also disapprove of the job Christie is doing by a 64% to 29% split. It represents his lowest approval rating ever.

Just how bad was that 29% approval rating? Quinnipiac said it was the worst approval rating for any governor in nine states surveyed by the university's polling institute over the past six years.

Previously, his lowest approval rating in the poll was 38% in April of 2015.

And Democrats and Independents weren't the only ones who felt strongly against the idea of a theoretical Vice President Christie. Republicans, by a 64% to 27% split, answered that they'd rather Trump pass over their governor.

"Christie-for-president was a flop and, as far as the local folks are concerned, so is Christie-for-vice president," said Maurice Carroll, the assistant director of the Quinnipiac University poll. "Forget local pride, New Jersey voters say overwhelmingly; they don't want their Gov. on a Trump ticket."

"It's a drastic decline in popularity for a governor who once looked like a strong choice for president," Carroll added.

Christie is in consideration to be Trump's running mate, as the business mogul told The Associated Press earlier this month that the New Jersey governor was on his short list of remaining contenders.

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