School's proposed ban on skinny jeans leads to Twitter rants

School's Proposed Ban on Skinny Jeans Leads to Twitter Rants

Schools have been getting stricter when it comes to dress codes.

Most schools enforce a certain length requirement for skirts, and leggings aren't allowed to be worn as pants.

Now, there's yet another ban: skinny jeans.

New Hanover County Schools have now moved to ban them.

Their new policy, titled Policy 8520, says "excessively tight fitting pants such as skinny jeans" are not to be worn unless accompanied by tops that "cover the posterior area in its entirety."

See how Twitter is reacting:

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School's proposed ban on skinny jeans leads to Twitter rants
why is nc so messed up? first the bathroom crap and now New Hanover is trying to ban skinny jeans?🙃
Heard on the radio they're trying to ban skinny jeans in schools. Well glad I'm not in school bc lol wow.
Honestly if we can just ban skinny jeans period -- from school, from the mall, from my house -- I'd be OK with that
@NewHanoverCoSch I know I'm late but the ban of skinny jeans wouldn't work. that's all we own so unless you're buying us new clothes...
lmao if they ban skinny jeans I'm still gonna wear them and they're just gonna send me home everyday for wearing them so whatever 🙂
When u hear that your school trying to ban Skinny jeans & Joggers bc they are too much like tights. MAKES ME READY GO GRADUATE AND LEAVE. 👏
North Carolina School District Wants to Ban Skinny Jeans to Prevent "Bigger Girls" From Being Bullied
So that school district wants to ban skinny jeans so that big girls won't get bullied. AW. If y'all don't get y'all asses on. 😭😂

The North Carolina schools justify their dress code by saying its purpose is to limit what might disrupt the learning environment.

Unfortunately for the students, skinny jeans are the most commonly sold style in most major retailers in 2016.

American Eagle Outfitters, a denim brand staple for teens, offers only two alternatives to skinny jeans. In contrast, they offer more than 20 different washes for skinny jeans and jeggings.

Students have taken to Twitter to share their dismay. The school board said they will take all feedback into consideration when making their final decision.

Until then, maybe these students can dig through their parents' closets for some alternatives. Bell-bottoms, anyone?

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