Researchers develop see-through wood that looks just like glass

Researchers Develop See-Through Wood That Looks Just Like Glass
Researchers Develop See-Through Wood That Looks Just Like Glass

We all know what objects made out of wood look like, right? Well, that may be changing.

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A study published this month describes the way in which a team from the University of Maryland, College Park, has been able to make a piece of wood almost completely transparent.

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As the New York Times reports, there are two-phases to the transformation: the first is to treat the wood to remove the color molecule called lignin; the second is to fill the remaining cell structures with the strengthening agent epoxy. According to the published research, the resulting wood composite is "highly transparent with a total transmittance up to 90%..."

A similar project was undertaken in Sweden, but had a see-through rate of 85 percent, according to Fast Company.

Potential applications for the new material include auto manufacturing and building construction, among others.

The team is currently trying to produce larger pieces, as the current size limit is five-by-five inch blocks, notes Engadget.

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