Hailey Baldwin recounts a terrifying incident with a stalker

Hailey Baldwin Just "Close Friends" With Justin Bieber
Hailey Baldwin Just "Close Friends" With Justin Bieber

By: Gibson Johns and Chelsea Huang

Hailey Baldwin may be part of a group of wildly popular up-and-coming models with reputations for sharing their entire lives on social media, but she wants people to know that that's not the case. In fact, she's adamant about the fact that there are moments that she doesn't "want the whole world to be watching."

Baldwin told us exclusively at the opening of the Magnum store in SoHo on Wednesday that she routinely changes her Snapchat settings from public to private in an effort to keep certain moments between her and her friends.

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And how does she decide, exactly, what to share and what to keep within her circle of friends that includes Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid?

"It depends on my mood," she told us. Natch.

"If we're all out doing something fun, I don't want to be Snapchatting," she explained. "I don't want to live my life through a phone screen, and that is something that I think is so hard for people to understand."

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One recent moment that didn't make it onto the 19-year-old's Snapchat story was a scary encounter with a stranger in her own apartment building.

"Someone followed me home, got into the elevator with me [and] tried to get off with me at my floor," Baldwin recounted to us about the terrifying close call. "I was catching on to [the situation] and was really aware of it. I tried to tell him to get off of the elevator first, but he wouldn't get out. He told me he was 'dating' somebody in the building, but it was weird, and he didn't know where the apartment was. So I was like, 'Clearly you're not dating somebody in the building...'"

Though she said that it all ended up being "okay," the daughter of Stephen and Kennya Baldwin revealed that she's moving out of the building as a result of the incident. These invasions of her privacy are relatively new occurrences for the rising star, who called her upbringing "normal" despite her famous family, but she insisted that any changes to her lifestyle would just be giving strangers what they want.

"The key is not to adjust your lifestyle," Baldwin said of altering to her increasing fame. "If you adjust your lifestyle for other people and attention and fame, then [your life] won't be normal. I grew up very normally for my family, regardless of the circumstances, and I don't want to lose that."

Normalcy may prove to be difficult for Baldwin in the future, though. Having just signed to IMG in March, she's poised to continue her takeover of the fashion world. Citing Versace and Saint Laurent as dream partnerships, Baldwin recently checked off the ultimate bucket list item for anyone in the fashion world: She worked with Karl Lagerfeld, which she called "a dream come true, for real."

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