Cops: Naked man playing 'hide and seek' gets stuck in chimney, then gets arrested

Naked Man Stuck In Chimney For 11 Hours Says He Was Playing Hide-And-Seek
Naked Man Stuck In Chimney For 11 Hours Says He Was Playing Hide-And-Seek

Why, you might ask, would a man who isn't Santa Claus go down a chimney? And why would he do so stark naked?

Jordan Kajewski, 29, was charged with trespassing after firefighters cut him out of a chimney in Iowa, authorities said.

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Brad Sapp, the owner of a reclamation business, was sorting aluminum cans in the town of Carroll, when he heard someone whisper "Get out of here," the Daily Times Herald reported Wednesday.

Properly creeped out, he went home and told his wife. She made fun of him for hearing voices.

Hours later, while she was helping her husband at work, screams emanated from the chimney.

"I'm in your chimney," a man yelled, she told deputies. "I was playing Hide and Seek with my cousin ... Don't call the cops, I just need some help getting out."

The Sapps called the cops.

Carroll County Sheriff's Department

It took more than a dozen members of the Carroll Fire Department to get him out.

He was too far down the chimney to be pulled out from above, so firefighters had to hammer out a whole in the bottom to free him.

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And there he stood, wearing nothing but soot and his birthday suit, authorities said.

Sapp said he recognized the man as being the same person who had been pestering him for a job in recent weeks.

Kajewski didn't say why he had removed his clothes, which were also in the chimney, according to sheriff's deputies.

It was unclear whether he has entered a plea.

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