Apple CEO Tim Cook reveals his 3 keys for personal success

Tim Cook visits India
Tim Cook visits India

Apple CEO Tim Cook is on a tour of India this week, and on Thursday, he managed to find enough time to watch a cricket match in Uttar Pradesh.

While at the game, a sportscaster asked Cook about his impression of the sport and his experience in India. He also asked Cook what his message was to young people who might want to replicate his success.

Sportscaster Alan Wilkins asked: "We have a lot of young viewers... if you had three key points for personal success from the chief executive officer from Apple, what would you say to our young viewers?"

Cook replied: "Do what you love, and put your whole heart into it, and then just have fun."

Here's the entire video:

One reason why Cook might have swung by an Indian Premier League match is that IPL broadcasts frequently reach millions of viewers, and Apple wants to sell millions of iPhones in India.

But there's one catch — some studies say that nearly 1 out of 2 Indians haven't heard about Apple. One way for Apple to solve that is to have its CEO, who is in the country to open a few new app developmentcenters and meet with Prime Minister Narenda Modi, do a somewhat-charming, relatively-awkward sideline interview during a big match.

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