Americans drink more alcohol than anyone else in the world

Americans Drink More Alcohol Than Anyone Else In the World

By Amanda Kabbabe and Keleigh Nealon, Buzz60

Bottoms up, America! Not that Americans need to be told to enjoy a cocktail.

For the first time in 15 years, people in the U.S. are drinking more alcohol than anyone else around the world.

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Globally, alcohol sales have seen a minor dip from 2014 to 2015, and analysts estimate the decrease is due to economic reasons.

People are making less money and are less likely to splurge on the dancing juice. Specifically, China and Brazil have taken the biggest hits.

America, however, has remained on top.

The alcohol sales that have been most negatively affected are vodka and rum. Studies have found that Americans are actually drinking less, swapping quantity for quality.

U.S. sales have been able to remain on top because of sophisticated consumers who prefer "complex spirits," according to the NY Post.

While trends of alcohol consumption itself have been noticeably decreasing, sales have remained high due to consumers seeking higher-quality spirits, purchasing more premium brands than ever before.

It's safe to say the average alcohol consumers in these studies are not college students drinking watered-down beer.

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