World's chillest squirrel sits in a tree chair all day, hanging out and eating corn

Squirrel Kicks Back in Treetop Lawn Chair and Enjoys His Corn

Talk about livin' your best life.

Sandy McCoy shared some photos on Facebook of a squirrel who lives in her backyard that absolutely has it made.

All day long, he sits in his tiny chair, snacking on corn on the cob like we only wish we could.

Local news station WEHT shared one of McCoy's photos on their own Facebook page, which has thus far racked up 1.5K likes.

In the comments, McCoy said that she has four feeders for the three squirrels who frequent her family's yard, and that the miniature chair was constructed by her friend Aaron Kolle.

"This is one of our other ones," she said about this chubby lil' guy.

And of course, she shared an accompanying video so we could experience the cuteness as if we were there.

Despite there being no butter or salt available, the little guy still seemed throughly pleased with his snack.

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