Triplets link up for an epic yearbook quote collaboration

Triplets School the World with Senior Knock Knock Quote

Coming up with an appropriate yearbook quote that you don't regret years down the line is tough. Something like, "Live, laugh, love," sounds good in theory, until you realize that 75 percent of your senior class also chose the same thing.

One group of triplets decided that if they were going down, they were going down together, so they came up with a quote that would only make sense if you read it sequentially underneath their three photos.

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These triplets probably have the best senior quotes of all time from funny

Kassidy Durham kicked it off with, "Knock Knock," which was followed by her brother Keaton's quote, "Who's there?" It doesn't come together until their sister Kylee finishes it off with, "Not the triplets. We graduated."

It wasn't just their classmates who commended the trio on their collaboration. A snapshot of the Durham's brilliant work has since been uploaded to Reddit where it has accumulated almost a half a million views.

If the internet gave superlatives for "the best way to bow out of high school," our vote would absolutely go to the Durham triplets.

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