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Kode Magazine 8th Issue Party With Pia Mia
Kode Magazine 8th Issue Party With Pia Mia

Teni Panosian, also know as Miss Maven to her over 1 million YouTube subscribers, has positioned herself as one of the leading beauty figures in the social media space. Her lifestyle videos, which range from Halloween makeup tutorials to insider hair tips and tricks, have garnered over 53 million views. Her YouTube channel has since become an online destination for some of the most coveted looks for people to re-create. They're sleek, modern, and completely accessible to the everyday woman.

But it's not just her incredible step-by-step guides that have captured people's attention across the world wide web. Panosian's infectious personality is just as much responsible for her social media success as her makeup videos are. She's kind, honest, and unafraid to open up to her fans. Her authority on products mixed with her ability to forge an authentic relationship with her fans has made Panosian one of the most influential creators our there.

So whether you ever need an expert on how to contour, picking the right shade of lipstick for the summer, or just want to get more insight into what skincare products on the market are worth buying, you know who to turn to.

We recently sat down with Miss Maven herself to talk about the creation of her YouTube channel and all-things beauty. Ahead, find out where her love of makeup first started, what led to the creation of her blog, and more!

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When did you first discover your love for beauty?
Oh gosh! It must have been in middle school. I was always on the dance team and you had wear makeup to competitions, and I was always the one who everyone asked about makeup. They would ask what lipstick I should wear and if I could do their eye makeup. So I think it must have been middle school or high school. Then I really became a well-informed consumer and began buying and testing out a lot of products. I never wanted to be a makeup artist, I just wanted to test out products. And then the blog came around because I just had people calling me all the time when they were shopping at like Sephora asking what bronzer they should get. The blog was really how I married my love of beauty and writing about it.

When did you decide to transition that into the social space?
I feel like social media chooses you, you don't choose it. You just have to do it to support your platforms. Like with starting a blog or YouTube channel, you have to do Facebook and Instagram, and now Snapchat. I was always late to every social media platform since I resisted a bit. I'm a late bloomer in social media.

Do you remember your first YouTube video?
I think it was a no-makeup makeup look, so very natural. I think that one has done really well over the years.

What was that like for you the first time getting in the ringer with YouTube?
Awkward! Totally awkward. If you watch my videos now versus back then, it's a different tone and level of comfort compared to now. My voice is super soft and low. I just blossomed over the years because you just become more and more comfortable with it

What was it like the first time you went viral?
I would say it was my black and gold smoky eye. If you watch it now, comparing the production quality, it's really bad. It has 4 million views now and I don't know why! People just love it.

When did you realize that your blog and YouTube platforms was becoming a bigger deal than you first anticipated?
I feel like there was a tipping point two years ago. You spend a lot of time paying your dues and doing everything without much of a reward, but I think there was a point at which people take you seriously as someone in the game who is producing good content and who will continue to. I would say two years ago.

Where do you see your career going in the next few years?
It's great because more and more brands are wanting to collaborate with bigger campaigns than ever before. Before, I used to do one-off brand deals which is great. But now it's full on campaigns. I think it moving into the traditional space, and not just digital. That's exciting for me because I started in the traditional space. That's definitely where it's going I think.

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