The only two skills you need to succeed, according to Barbara Corcoran

Barbara Corcoran Discusses How "Beyond The Tank" Differs From "Shark Tank"
Barbara Corcoran Discusses How "Beyond The Tank" Differs From "Shark Tank"

Barbara Corcoran is a powerhouse entrepreneur, serious businesswoman and complete firecracker all in one.

From bringing the heat weekly on 'Shark Tank,' to building a real estate empire to becoming a best-selling author and motivator, this woman does it all, and she does it all well.

What Corcoran seems to exude so effortlessly is her ability to speak with conviction and purpose while simultaneously staying lively and humorous.

She's intimidating in all of the right ways -- her experience and business-savvy are unmatched, her story relatable and inspiring.

We were lucky enough to get the chance to sit down with Barbara in an exclusive interview and ask her not only about how she got to where she is today, but how her success continues to grow and how we can do the same.

These were five major takeaways from our conversation:

As a real estate mogul and best-selling author, it's easy to assume that Barbara was born knowing what she wanted to do. But as we found out, it was quite the opposite.

Barbara joked that she could've "easily been a plumbing contractor and done equally as well."

We don't doubt it -- with a hunger for nothing less than absolute success, Barbara was going to make it big no matter where she chose to start.

If you want to be the boss, you'll find a way to be your own.

And when you do, nothing should be able to stop you.

Watch our full interview from Facebook with Barbara below:

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