McDonald's is unveiling a major menu change that will affect people based on location

McDonald's expanding McPick 2 menu items
McDonald's expanding McPick 2 menu items

The McPick 2 promotion is coming back, and just like ordering a McDonald's burger, it's about to become even more customizable.

Starting May 24, McDonald's will expand its McPick 2 menu items to allow regional favorites as a part of the promotion.

McPick 2 is a mix and match menu that allows customers to choose two food items for $5.

The McPick 2 promotion was launched early in 2016, beginning as a 2 items for $2 deal in an effort to satisfy customer demands since the Dollar Menu was discontinued.

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The new promotion is set to include three classic menu items and then three items that will vary from region tor region, as local operators will have the chance to choose which items they'll sell based on what performs well in their areas.

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The three classic items that will be rolled out with the updated version of the menu are the Big Mac, 10-piece Chicken McNuggets and the Filet-O-Fish, all characteristic McDonald's items that have been customer favorites for years.

The new regionally customized version of the promotion is a nod from the company towards focusing on local-first, something the fast food giant has been experimenting with through special menu items in select locations.​

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