Jordan Spieth hits marshmallow off golf ball into his mouth (Video)

Jordan Spieth Chips Marshmallow Into His Mouth With Golf Club
Jordan Spieth Chips Marshmallow Into His Mouth With Golf Club

Jordan Spieth is able to do quite a few things on the golf course that an average Joe isn't going to have a prayer at pulling off. That includes winning a major championship, shooting even par on most courses on the PGA Tour, and the list goes on. Now you can add him being able to do just an absolutely absurd trick shot involving a marshmallow to that list.

While in his hometown of Dallas, TX on Tuesday preparing for the upcoming AT&T Byron Nelson, Spieth was at the tee and put a marshmallow on top of his ball. He then hit his shot and sent the marshmallow flying in the air. Because it's good to be Jordan Spieth, he then was able to track the sweet treat and catch it in his mouth:

It's pretty ridiculous that he's able to pull something like that off while he's also in the business of winning golf tournaments (we're choosing to forget The Players Championship and holes 66-72 at The Masters for argument's sake).

However, that's just kind of the way things go in golf. Sometimes you have guys that are just so good that they're able to do things so ridiculous that they don't seem plausible or possible. This is one of those things for sure.

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