This final-exam question about Donald Trump got a Florida teacher suspended

New Poll: Both Clinton and Sanders Over Trump
New Poll: Both Clinton and Sanders Over Trump

A Florida public high school suspended a teacher after he gave students a final-exam question about Donald Trump that an administrator called inappropriate, Palm Beach Post columnist Andrew Marra reported.

The exam question, written by Malik Leigh, a Palm Beach Lakes High School (PBL) teacher and a practicing attorney, asked:

If a Donald Trump becomes president of the United states, we are:

A. Screwed

B. Screwed

C. Screwed

D. Screwed behind a really YUGE wall that Mexico pays for.

The final exam is "wholly inappropriate for the Law Academy class," PBL Principal Cheryl McKeever wrote in a letter, according to the Post.

"Specifically, the exam materials contain inaccurate content, irrelevant material, unprofessional use of language, inappropriate use of language, and contain content outside of and not consistent with the curriculum for the Law Academy," she continued.

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Leigh said the question was intended as a joke.

"I'm not pushing a political agenda," he told the Post. "To me, it was a funny question."

He also refuted the claim that the question — and others deemed inappropriate by McKeever — were irrelevant to the class.

"I don't see why that would be offensive," he said. "They all tie into the classroom discussion."

The Trump question wasn't the only instance of controversial exam material. Another question asked what to do during an opening statement in a courtroom. Answer choices included "find the hottest person on the Jury and focus your words on them" and "treat them like the MORONS they are," according to Palm Beach Post columnist Kristina Webb.

Before administering his final exam, Leigh had already launched a lawsuit against the school, Sonja Isger of the Palm Beach Post reported.

The suit alleges that the school did not renew his and about 30 other teachers' contracts in retaliation for a perceived lack of loyalty to administrators. Notably, Leigh stood by five students who revealed to the school board that they didn't have a full-time math teacher.

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