This test will let you know if your kid will grow up to be a criminal

This Test Will Let You Know If Your Kid Grow Up to Be a Criminal?

Ever look right at your darling children and wonder if they will grow up to be a thief some day?

Well, now you can get an immediate answer, thanks to a study conducted by Stockholm University.

The research aimed to determine whether it's possible to determine at an early age if a child will grow up to be a criminal.

They developed a test that can tell if a child prefers instant gratification over a larger, delayed payout.

After looking at more than 6,000 13-year-old boys, researchers found that the child who chose instant gratification had "a significantly higher risk of criminal involvement later in life."

The test is easy to do at home. A parent just needs to offer a child five dollars immediately or offer them 10 dollars if they're willing to wait a week.

If the child wants the five dollars now, it's time to stay on high alert. Or there's just a really cool game available to reserve at GameStop.

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