This pregnant woman is incredibly fit at 6 months, and the internet is dumbfounded

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While many expecting moms are busy going to town on pickles and ice cream, one Instagram model has defied all odds by (nearly) keeping her pre-pregnancy body intact at the six-month mark.

The gravity-defying model and midwife in question, Hannah Polites, has garnered a lot of attention for her posts featuring the tiniest baby bump imaginable as she approaches her third trimester.

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The self proclaimed "fitness junkie" and "food lover" has shared her diet and workout tips with her 1.2 million followers, explaining how she has managed to maintain her rockin' bod.

"I'm by no means trying to put on muscle but would like to maintain fitness where possible to help me be as strong as possible for my birth, baby and for myself!" she stated in an Instagram post. "I'm mainly sticking to Pilates, strength training and yoga but every pregnancy and body is different."

Along with the admirers praising her for staying active, she's also had her fair share of critics slamming her for not having a "natural" pregnancy.

"It's truly shocking to read some of the comments regarding my health and that of my unborn baby, especially at a time where women are particularly vulnerable and can be more sensitive to bullying," she said in an interview with Gold Coast bulletin.

In another one of her posts, she defended her lifestyle, claiming, "For everyone saying my baby is small and malnourished 🙄 scans are showing he/ she is actually 20% bigger than the average at this gestation."

Check out more of her posts below and peek at her site here.

Hannah Polites
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This pregnant woman is incredibly fit at 6 months, and the internet is dumbfounded
Hump day date night with my love 👅😋 Ps. Thank you for the overwhelmingly positive support, all women's bodies should be celebrated and we are all entitled to share our own journeys ✌️#6months #pregnant 💕
Hotel room bump update! Almost 6 months carrying my little babe 🍼👶👋 For everyone asking, the gender is a surprise 💕💙
Acai bowls all day everyday 🙌 @nourish_with_the_seasons 🍇🍓
Chasing the sun on a rainy weekend in Mooloolaba 🌴🌎🌧@delmaar_latinswimwear Bump and booty are the same size 😂🍑 #5.5months 🍼
Lunch dates on a Monday with my Mumma 💕 21w2d 🍼
Boy or girl.. What's your guess? 💙💕 #5months
You do not have a face to see or put inside a frame. You do not have chubby cheeks to squish and you don't yet have a name. We cannot hold your tiny hands or hear your little voice.. But all this will change come September, that's when they say your due. We promise to wait patiently to find out whether it will be pink or blue. Until this date we promise to love you unconditionally as you grow... We are so excited to have you apart of our family, this we certainly know 💙💕🍼 #17weeks2days

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