Parents in Virginia decide to name their son 'ESPN'

Koffy In The Morning: Bad Baby Names
Koffy In The Morning: Bad Baby Names

Next time you consider cracking a joke regarding what you'll eventually name your child, make sure you're on board with whatever you suggest -- because your fellow parent may just be on board.

This is what David McClain of Virginia found out when he jokingly suggested to his wife that they name their son "Espn," after the sports network. But his wife, Melissa, offered a reaction that he wasn't quite expecting.

"She said she really liked it. When I told her I was just kidding, and that I was just saying ESPN as a single word, she said she still really liked it,' David said to WITN.

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So, on May 4, Espn McClain was born -- along with twin sister Taylor. But, interestingly enough, naming their son Espn may not even be the most outlandish aspect of this whole thing.

They were almost born on May 4, which is Star Wars Day," Melissa said. "So their middle names are Luke and Leia, because boy and girl twins you have to do that."

Believe it or not, the McClain boy isn't the first toddler to be named after the sports media giant. As of 2004, there were at least three.

Unusual as it may have came, congrats to the new family!

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