The Harry Styles haircut photos have arrived

Harry Styles Steps Out After Haircut
Harry Styles Steps Out After Haircut

On May 6, 2016, one of the Internet's greatest mysteries was born. Harry Styles -- known for his ever-growing locks -- posted an Instagram photo of his trademark ponytail, lopped off and held in his hand.

Harry Styles Cuts Hair, Teens Worldwide Decide That's What Makes Him Beautiful

We know that the One Direction singer did this for charity, but the question wasn't "why" so much as "what does it look like now?" Eleven days later, we have our first clear pictures of the haircut. (No newsboy hat blocking our view this time.)

You'll have to settle for this pair of Twitter pics for now, until Styles' style gets the professional photo shoot it so deserves.

Click below for more pictures of Harry Styles, in case you've forgotten what he looks like already:

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