These tiny ducklings splashing in the tub with their capybara pal will absolutely make your day

Capybara Acts as Island for Adorable Ducklings
Capybara Acts as Island for Adorable Ducklings

For quite a while now, the world has been privy to the magic of the humble capybara.

The giant South African 'guinea pigs' are basically the chillest of all rodents, as proven by the fact that they're friends with pretty much every single other species out there.

But no matter how adorable they look hanging out with alligators or taking shelter from the rain like the little humans they truly are inside, a video recently shared on YouTube has sent us over the edge.

JoeJoe, the cutie featured in the adorable clip, has the distinct honor of being one of the most famous capybaras in the world.

With a dedicated Twitter and Facebook following, JoeJoe's daily adventures are posted online for the world to see.

In this footage, JoeJoe finds his bath time interrupted by three tiny ducklings. He patiently allows the young birds to climb all over him and swim all around him.

Either Jojo has the patience of a saint, or he is truly enjoying bath time just as much as his pals!

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In case that wasn't enough, here are some more photos of capymagic: