Marco Rubio goes on late-night tweetstorm to mock reports about his political future

Marco Rubio tweets the press
Marco Rubio tweets the press

Sen. Marco Rubio evidently isn't pleased by media reports speculating about his political future.

In a series of tweets late Monday evening, the Florida senator mocked "genius" anonymously sourced media reports that hypothesized about the senator's political career following his failed Republican presidential bid.

"Funny to read about unnamed "people close" to me who claim to know my thinking on future plans. They just make it up," Rubio wrote, linking to a Washington Post story that indirectly quoted anonymous sources.

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He continued: "Unnamed sources 'close to' often just people who want to sound like they are in the know. And reporters desperate for content just accept it."

Rubio also criticized a year-old Washington Post article that quoted a source who claimed the senator "hates" the slow-moving pace of the US Senate.

Though the Florida senator also ruled out a last-minute run for reelection this year, he hinted that his political career isn't finished. Rubio pointed out Monday that he knew of at least one non-public official who has had some success seeking public office.

View Rubio's tweets below:

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