Ice bath puts hot husky in complete state of euphoria

Husky Puppies
Husky Puppies

You know that feeling when it's searing hot outside and all you want to do is stick your head in the freezer?

Well imagine you're a furry Siberian Husky dog in scorching hot Thailand ... that's a rough combination.

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So how does a dog with a heavy coat survive the toasty weather? Ice baths.

This footage of a husky basking in a tub of ice is capturing hearts across the internet. In the video, the adorable pup is curled up in a tub placed right below an ice machine.

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He stares longingly into the opening where soon the fresh, cool ice will come tumbling out, licking its chops in anticipation.

The owner turns on the machine, and the expression on the dog's face couldn't be more perfect. The husky licks at the cubes as the tub fills up around him and he looks like he's in heaving -- pure bliss.

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Once there's enough ice, the owner spreads it over the dog so only its head is sticking out of the ice -- and that pup is ready to seriously chill.

Watch the full video:

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