Get the look: Timepieces like the stars

Robert Downey Jr. Shows off His Epic Watch Collection
Robert Downey Jr. Shows off His Epic Watch Collection

There's nothing quite like a watch to add touch of elegance, funk, flair -- or all of the above -- to an outfit.

While ubiquitous now, the classic timepiece, the wristwatch, didn't gain widespread use until the early 1900s. An article in the New York Times even puzzled over the growing fad, calling it "silly." It's no surprise it did -- the wearable accessory was far more convenient than its predecessor, the pocket watch.

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While watches may have lost their utility due to digital clocks on our phones and computers (and perhaps even the lost ability to even read an analog clock), watches are still the perfect accessory. Just take a look at Hollywood -- celebs have access to all the jewels in the world, yet they're still rocking stunning watch styles.

Even though luxury brands like Rolex, Omega, TAG Heur and Cartier might make it seem hard to attain, plenty of high-end brand offer an array of elegant, sophisticated, funky and fun styles in their own right.

Brands in the Fossil Group repertoire -- Tory Burch, Michele, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Skagen and Diesel, to name just a few (ever heard of them?) -- are pushing the boundaries and setting trends in the industry.

Say goodbye to the clunky, oversized look of years past. This year, smaller faces, eye-catching blues, mesh bands and unconventional shapes are among their biggest new directions -- not to mention wearable tech, of course!

The status-obsessed may even want to look into brands like The Fifth, which actually offers a socially-exclusive model for the sale of their classic, minimalist watches. Products are released on the 5th of each month for five days or until supplies last. Trust us, they sell out quickly.