Rarely seen beaked whale found with two extra teeth baffles experts

Rarely Seen Beaked Whale Found With Two Extra Teeth Baffles Experts
Rarely Seen Beaked Whale Found With Two Extra Teeth Baffles Experts

Warning: Video above contains footage of the whale carcass.

A whale that washed ashore in Australia's Waitpinga Beach has an unusual feature that remains a mystery to scientists, reports International Business Times.

In February, experts from the South Australian Museum went to the location and found a deceased beaked whale. This species of animal is typically not discovered alive because of its deepwater habitat.

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As they were examining the carcass on-site, they noticed the presence of two pointy teeth "protruding above the jawline."

Dr. Catherine Kemper, one of the research scientists, said, "These teeth were something I had never seen before...My mind was thinking, 'do we have something new here?'"

After the team took the young female's remains back to the museum's research facility, they extracted at least one of the mysterious teeth and found a larger one under it, notes ABC News.

As such, they were able to identify the animal as a Hector's beaked whale which is an already established species but still rare to find.

That said, scientists are still trying to learn more about the two extra teeth which they believe could be an "evolutionary throwback or a trait that re-emerges after generations," notes News.com.au.

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