PETA opened a leather goods boutique, but when people looked inside the products they were horrified

PETA Shocks Shoppers With Horrifying Pop-Up Store
PETA Shocks Shoppers With Horrifying Pop-Up Store

Advertising Agency Ogilvy & Mather has teamed up with PETA Asia to give leather shoppers the fright of their lives in a new PSA that will make your skin crawl.

In "Behind the Leather," shoppers are seen browsing a trendy-looking pop-up store called "The Leather Work."

Located in a popular Bangkok shopping mall, the fake shop is stocked to the brim with purses, shoes, jackets, belts and other accessories crafted from a variety of beautiful, exotic animal skins.

But, the moment shoppers start to examine the products more closely, things begin to go nightmarishly wrong.

Shoppers are repulsed to find beating hearts and internal organs inside the bags and jackets, while customers trying on shoes and gloves are shocked to find that their hands and feet are covered with fake blood.

WARNING: This ad may be disturbing to some viewers.

If it seems like PETA is exaggerating a bit with those over-the-top gruesome visuals, rest assured they argue they are not.

A statement from the animal rights company's website reads:

Every bag, shoe, or jacket that is made from exotic skins and sold in a trendy boutique comes with a high price—a price that's paid by animals who are ripped from their jungle homes or farmed in barren tanks and then beaten to death, shot, or even skinned alive. Animal welfare is never a consideration for those who hunt, poach, farm, abuse, and kill these animals.

If you would like to sign a pledge to support PETA's cause and keep exotic animal products out of closets, you may do so here.