Here's what Coconut Head from 'Ned's Declassified' looks like today

5 Best Nickelodeon Transformations (Debatable)
5 Best Nickelodeon Transformations (Debatable)

One of our favorite TV shows growing up was the hilarious "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide" on good ole' Nickelodeon.

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Yes, we all remember Ned, Moze and Cookie, essentially the three best friends that anyone could have, but who remembers Coconut Head?!

Inaugural "Kids on the Run" 5K Benefitting Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
Inaugural "Kids on the Run" 5K Benefitting Childrens Hospital Los Angeles

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There he is all the way to the right, next to Ned and Moze -- oh the nostalgia! However, you probably remember him more like this:

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Well, lucky for you we found out what Rob Pinkston (his real name) looks like now, and ironically enough, his got a great head of hair.

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Fresh new cut = fresh new Pinky

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Feeling old yet?

Pinkston has stayed low since his role on "Ned's Declassified," having appeared in just a few projects since the series wrapped in 2007.

But, fear not because he is really active on social media!

It also looks like he has put his own spin on the presidental election!

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Regardless of Trump or Clinton, Pinkston will always be Coconut Head to us.

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