Amazon is about to launch its own brands of specialty items, including groceries

Amazon to Expand Private Label Lines
Amazon to Expand Private Label Lines

Looks like Amazon is taking its next step towards complete world domination ... well, the retail world, that is.

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, the online giant will soon begin selling its own array of branded items.

But don't expect to find "Amazon" labeled specialty goods—the company plans to use different brand names for each category of items that it will be selling.

Among the new brand names to be rolled out are "Happy Belly" (non-perishables such as nuts, trail mix, tea and cooking oil), "Wickedly Prime" (assorted snack foods), "Presto!" (assorted household items including laundry detergent) and "Mama Bear" (baby items).

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It's a bold marketing move, but one that can prove to pay off big time if the Amazon-owned brands are able to generate strong followings.

These Amazon-only brands will be available exclusively to Amazon Prime members.

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This isn't the first time that Amazon has put out branded items—it launched a line of diapers under the brand name "Element" which were recalled in January of last year for design flaws.

There's no word on price points or specific release dates for the brands yet, but if the news about brand names alone is already generating a buzz, we have no doubt that the excitement for the new products will only grow as more information becomes available.​

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