Reporter forced to cover up on live TV because her dress was too revealing

Meteorologist Humiliated On Live TV For Her 'Inappropriate' Dress
Meteorologist Humiliated On Live TV For Her 'Inappropriate' Dress

An awkward moment ensued on KTLA on Saturday, as weather reporter Liberté Chan was asked to put on a sweater on live TV.

Mid-broadcast, someone off-camera dangles a sweater in front of Chan. Confused, Chan asks, "What's going on? You want me to put this on? Why? Cause it's cold?"

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"We're getting a lot of emails," someone off camera responds.

"What?" Chan says as she's helped into the ugly gray sweater. "I look like a librarian now."

Chan posted the clip to her Facebook page, asking people if they thought that the dress was too revealing. The comments were filled with overwhelming support for Chan and her clothing choice.

Before the broadcast, Chan posted this clip, showing her excitement for the dress.

After the incident, Chan posted a Facebook live video where anchor Chris Burrous read through some of the emails that were sent to KTLA complaining about the dress.

One person who complained about the sweater also stated that handing Chan the sweat on TV "was also in poor taste."

"It's a dress people. Can we talk about my weather performance," Chan fired back as Burrous read the comment.

Chan then explained that she had another dress on, stating, "it just didn't work so I had a back up and that's it, people. I don't know why everyone's hating."

Chan then apologized for being "inappropriate."

The shot then pans to Burrous who was wearing shorts during the broadcast. His bare legs were shielded by his desk.

Flight attendant, author and Mashable contributor Heather Poole live tweeted the event, standing behind Chan and criticizing the TV station.

Poole also mentioned that she nearly tweeted about her dislike for the dress, then thought twice.