Meet the world's strangest shark

Meet The World's Strangest Shark
Meet The World's Strangest Shark

Animals have adapted different ways of capturing their prey, but one of the most unique may be found in a strange-looking shark with a distinctive name.

The goblin shark, named after Japanese mythological creatures, has a distinctive long, flat snout extending in front of its eyes, notes the National Geographic.

Located below is its jaw which is able to extend three inches outward to snatch its intended target before retracting back.

According to WIRED, this projection is possible "because the jaw is suspended by ligaments and cartilage instead of being fused to the skull."

The marine animal is also known to have a pinkish-white color and grow to more than 16-feet long.

Relatively little is known about the goblin shark because they tend to live more than 4,000 feet under water; as such, live members are rarely found to study.

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