Fired ESPN analyst Curt Schilling endorses Donald Trump

Stephen A  Smith Challenges Curt Schilling To A Debate
Stephen A Smith Challenges Curt Schilling To A Debate

Baseball analyst Curt Schilling, who was fired from ESPN in April for an anti-transgender Facebook post, on Friday endorsed presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump in a lengthy blog entry.

Entitled "Why I will vote for Donald Trump," Schilling recalls meeting the business mogul a little over a decade ago and compliments his decisiveness, his love for America and his family values.

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Schilling starts off the post with a warning to readers: "If your response is going to be anything related to 'no one cares what you think' stop reading now and go elsewhere. You're coming here either interested in why, or to add to your list of reasons you don't like me. I'm ok with both."

Schilling then spoke about meeting Trump when the former MLB pitcher was asked to be on The Apprentice.

"I realized very quickly this was a man decisive in action and confident in his ability," Schilling wrote in the post. "I also realized that regardless of his net worth, he worked his ass off. He didn't have time for 8 hours sleep each night, too much to be done."

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Calling President Barack Obama the "liar in chief," Schilling then listed the reasons he will vote for Trump, as "none of them pertains to me just not wanting to vote for someone else."

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In his list of three reasons, Schilling says that he trusts Trump, he respects his children ("to know the real heart and soul of a man you look at his children") and he believes Trump is the candidate who "loves this country."

"You can laugh, you can mock, but you also are full of crap if the current administration has ever given you the confidence that they love this nation above all else," Schilling wrote. "He will protect my family, and my loved ones."

Schilling also makes a point to call out "you frauds in the liberal media," who he claims have skewed Trump's comments on Mexican immigrants and banning Muslims from the country, along with the "lazy sheep and apathetic folks" who follow the liberal media.

"But your liberal agenda has you lying your asses off to a group of people too lazy to do the work on their own, to listen and decide on their own," he continued in the post.

Schilling steps back to say that he wishes Trump would "stop the name calling" and start giving specifics on his plans for his presidency, also condemning his treatment of women, but argues that he's the best option to "make the decision that's best for our nation, and not the best for votes."

Schilling joins a long list of Hollywood and media figures who have endorse the presumptive nominee, including Jon Voight, Gary Busey, Scott Baio and Azealia Banks. Trump became the presumptive Republican presidential nominee after Ted Cruz dropped out of the race following his loss in the Indiana primary.

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