X-ray shows cellphone lodged inside man's body

No Joke: X-Ray Shows Cellphone Lodged Inside Man's Body

Cellphones aren't meant to be swallowed, which a prisoner in Ireland learned after doing just that.

A medical case report published online states that a 29-year-old man experiencing vomiting was admitted to the hospital "ten hours after he claimed to have swallowed a mobile phone."

ABC News recently posted an image of the X-ray showing the nearly three-inch-long, one-inch-wide device in his body.

After the phone did not appear to be moving through his system, doctors tried to pull it upwards and out, but their efforts failed.

According to the report, "The object could not be aligned correctly to accommodate endoscopic removal using current retrieval devices."

As such, they ended up performing surgery on him to get the phone out.

The patient was reportedly doing well with no symptoms months later, notes Live Science.

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