Woman sells house-trained bison on Craigslist for $5,950, calls it 'a gigantic puppy'

Woman Puts House-Broken 1,000-Pound Bison Up For Sale
Woman Puts House-Broken 1,000-Pound Bison Up For Sale

A Texas ranch owner is selling a 1,000-pound bison on Craigslist, boasting that the animal is both housebroken and loves to interact with humans.

Karen Shoeve and her 7-year-old bison live on what she calls her Ranch of Broken Promises.

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Shoeve said she purchased an original 1880s boarding house in Texas with with her then-husband, with dreams of fixing it up and turning it into a Western-themed attraction.

That's when they adopted Bullet, a 1,000-pound bison that the previous owners had house trained.

"Within the first month, I was a little nervous about whether she was really that calm and nice," the Argyle ranch owner admitted. "But she's never hurt me. She leaves this airspace of safety between you and her. She's very cognizant of you as a smaller person."

What's more is that, according to Schoeve, the bison is light on her feet. "She's like a ballerina. When she runs, she looks like Pepe le Pew," she said, assuring that each time she discovers her pet bison in her home, nothing has ever been broken or scratched.

"I really hadn't planned on saying 'Bullet, I'm going to let you become my indoor buffalo,'" she said. But the giant animal soon discovered a door that swings open during windy days, and has since made herself comfortable.

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Shoeve said about once a year, she'll let Bullet into the home to enjoy the air conditioning and watch her fish in the tank.

Bullet joined a herd of 30 horses that the Shoeve also brought onto her ranch during that time.

"I grew up on a ranch when I was a little girl, and rode horses until I was 20 years old," Shoeve told InsideEdition.com. "I'm really a country girl."

She soon realized, "I tried to live the dream but I just couldn't do it. It was too big a dream."

She and her ex-husband split up only a few years later, and she said she was left everything, the animals, the home and the debt.

Though she sold almost half of her herd since the break up in 2014, Bullet was always going to be her bison to keep, after having developed a bond with the animal since she's started living at the ranch.

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She recalled one night, Bullet had escaped. When she and a police officer had finally found the bison, "she bellowed, and I bellowed back to her. She came running up, and she turned into a big puppy, (as if she was saying,) 'Mommy, I was scared!'" she said.

"I was going to keep Bullet forever," she told InsideEdition.com, but no matter how much she tried to adjust, she knew the day had come that Bullet outgrew her home.

Schoeve said she now works full time, and her pasture has become muddy and unmanageable. It was clear that Bullet needed a better home.

So she posted an ad on Craigslist, boasting a "TAME/HOUSEBROKEN BUFFALO COW" on sale for $5,950 to the right owner.

She even included an image of Bullet inside her home, strolling down a narrow hallway in the ad.

Even though she received many complaints that the animal should be turned over to a rescue, she said that Bullet is imprinted on humans, and though the animal enjoys the company of Shoeve's remaining horses, "she very much likes to be with people, and would not do well with no human attention."

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After receiving many emails expressing interest, she said she plans on meeting a couple, who she thinks will make good parents to her buffalo, to discuss adoption.

WFAA also reported that a camp for children with autism has also expressed interest in buying the animal to join their camp, since Bullet welcomes being touched and played with.

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