Dutch police spot tigers on the loose from animal shelter

Tiger Found Wandering Around Houston Suburb
Tiger Found Wandering Around Houston Suburb

AMSTERDAM, May 14 (Reuters) - Two tigers escaped from a big cat shelter near a small Dutch village on Saturday and were being tracked by police.

Residents in the village of Oldeberkoop, population 1,500, have been warned to stay indoors.

"Tigers in sight," police tweeted after launching a search with a helocopter and a veterinarian with a tranquilizer gun. "We are now going to try to bring them back to the shelter."

Oldeberkoop is home to the Felida center, which recieves big cats from circuses and zoos, treats them, and works to replace some in a larger shelter in South Africa.

According to the center's website, its residents include two lions, eight tigers, a black jaguar, and a leopard.

Newspaper De Telegraaf reported that the two tigers appeared to have escaped through a gate that had accidentally been left open. (Reporting by Toby Sterling Editing by Jeremy Gaunt)

Learn more about a separate loose tiger incident in the video above.

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