Limo heading to prom catches on fire — twice

A Limo Heading to Prom Catches on Fire — Twice

High school prom-goers in Massachusetts had to act fast when the limo they were riding in caught fire.

The group of 10 was heading to the school dance Friday night in a town just outside of Boston when smoke poured out of the engine. The students got out of the limo just before it burst into flames.

"Well it was Friday the 13th, so that was a big thing, but it was just crazy," one of the limo passengers said.

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Prom Limo Fire
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Limo heading to prom catches on fire — twice
10 high school students escape after limo catches fire on prom night
Limo catches fire on way to prom #abc13
Hear from students who were headed to prom when their limo caught on fire.
“@CBSNews: Limo carrying prom-bound teens bursts into flames”Glad they're ok!
Massachusetts teens heading to prom escape limo before it burst into flames

Thankfully there were no injuries. Firefighters were able to put out the fire, but it did relight a second time.

"It was spreading. It was heading towards the gas tank, and I knew there might be an explosion," said the driver who picked up the students.

The kids still made it to prom thanks to another driver who picked them up. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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