Is Egypt 'suppressing truth' about new King Tut research?

Is Egypt 'Suppressing Truth' About New King Tut Research?
Is Egypt 'Suppressing Truth' About New King Tut Research?

Is Egypt withholding information that could potentially disprove the existence of hidden chambers in King Tutankhamun's tomb?

One unnamed scientist in a recent Guardian profile says that this is, indeed, the case, saying, "My understanding is that the Egyptians are in a state of denial about this."

The debate began last year when Nicholas Reeves, a British Egyptologist, and Hirokatsu Watanabe, a radar expert, separately concluded that there were likely spaces behind the tomb's walls, notes the National Geographic.

However, some in the community were openly skeptical about these claims and the evidence they were based on, so another round of high-tech scans was led by the National Geographic Society earlier this year.

Despite having received a report about the findings, Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities has not yet released the results, and press inquiries have reportedly gone largely unanswered.

According to Live Science, the general belief is that the new scans show no indications of hidden rooms, but the ministry "has refused to accept the new results."

Political instability and declining tourism could be contributing to this stance.

Additional tests are expected to be conducted by Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities, reports Live Science.

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