Dionne Warwick says Lady Gaga will, in fact, be in her biopic

Dionne Warwick Reveals Plans for Biopic at Cannes
Dionne Warwick Reveals Plans for Biopic at Cannes

After an afternoon of back and forth, Dionne Warwick says that Lady Gaga will be playing a role in Warwick's biopic.

At HFPA FilmAid party in Cannes, the legendary singer told THR that the popstar will, in fact, be in the movie that will center on her life. As Warwick explained, the confusion was rooted in the fact that Gaga's music reps were the ones that knew about the deal, and not her film reps.

"It is just a question of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing," said Warwick. "I'm waiting now for an email from either her and or management letting me know that all the retractions that have been tracted will be retracted."

The biopic, titled Dionne, was announced during the Cannes International Film Festival.

Immediately after the announcement, Lady Gaga's reps sent out a statement saying she was not involved with the project, saying, "She is not attached and will not appear in this project."

Gaga is supposed to play Cilla Black -- Warwick's "musical nemesis"-- in the project, which is set to begin production late this year.

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