Couple celebrates lifetime membership to marriage with Costco photo shoot

Couple Takes Hilarious Engagement Photos in Costco

You'll never love Costco as much as these lovebirds — and that's okay.

After their engagement, Redditor Kartarsh and her fiancé weren't interested in just typical engagement photos. In addition to their normal shoot, she wrote, they "thought it would be funny to have pictures of us doing really mundane things" — with a romantic twist.

We got our engagement photos taken at Costco from funny

So they headed to their favorite bulk buy emporium.

For their shoot, the couple hit up most of the classic Costco mainstays: massive cases of water bottles, symmetrical cheese pies, an eight-pack of butter.

They even gazed at each other over hot dogs, which is absolutely the most romantic thing you can do inside a Costco.

The future bride's dad, a noted Costco enthusiast, was also invited to appear in the background of several photos. "After we were done, he picked up a few things," she wrote.

The only glaring oversight here? The absence of free samples. Unfortunately, the couple scheduled the shoot 30 minutes before closing to beat the crowds, and thus missed out on sweet, sweet free bagel bites.

Ah, well. There's always the rehearsal dinner.

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