Avid traveler's adventurous selfies will give you serious wanderlust

Diver takes selfie with endangered sea turtle

An avid traveler from Indonesia has managed to mesmerize the internet with his adventurous selfies, but one snapshot in particular has raised a lot of eyebrows.

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When Hendi Syahputra took a trip to Java he snapped a photo of himself and a friend camping ... underwater!

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The photo ended up going viral, but users online had some serious questions about its authenticity, according to Daily Dot.

Comment from discussion The best selfie.

Comment from discussion The best selfie.

Comment from discussion The best selfie.

The picture was in fact real and Syahputra shared a slideshow video on Instagram to show off how he pulled off the epic snap.

Oh and in case you're wondering about his laptop -- it made it out of the water safely (sort of).

"I am incredibly adventurous: hiking, exploring the beach, diving into the sea. In Indonesia, a lot of springs are very clear," Syahputra told the Daily Dot. "[I got this photo] armed with the equipment I have, such as laptops that have been damaged and tents. It's creative. I am happy with the results of my photos and the fans it attracts."

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Avid traveler takes epic underwater selfie
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Avid traveler's adventurous selfies will give you serious wanderlust
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