Washington anchor boozed on air after Capitals loss (Video)

The Washington Capitals are hockey's Cubs
The Washington Capitals are hockey's Cubs

The playoff series between the Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins was an instant classic, and one where you couldn't have asked for more as a hockey fan. But as a Capitals fan, it must've been hard to watch their team crash out of the playoffs once more, especially when so much was expected out of them this year.

It's safe to say that a lot of Capitals fans were drinking after their playoff exit, but at least tried to recover and keep a cool head for the next day on the job. Not this fan, though, who still showed up to work and pretended it was the 1960s by drinking out in the open.

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The end result was hilarious, even if what he said might make you sad:

We all say stuff we regret when we're drunk and depressed, but this might put it over the top. One has to think that this anchor is well-trained, and that this was a scripted portion of the show, or else he'd be fired the next day.

It's true that the Caps have struggled mightily in the playoffs. In Alex Ovechkin's career, they have never once made it past the second round, so if they are going to win any time soon, it should be for Ovechkin, and also this anchor before he contemplates jumping off of a bridge next.

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