This mom's photoshoot with her newborn quintuplets is cuteness overload

Mom Shares Gorgeous Photos of Newborn Quintuplets

Having a newborn baby can be quite an overwhelming experience. Now multiply that by five and you've got the cards that were dealt to Kimberley Tucci and her husband, Vaughn.

Since going viral back in January for Kimberley's epic pregnancy photoshoot, the Australian couple decided to give it another go, linking up with the same photographer yet again for a one-of-a-kind postpartum shoot.

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The insanely cute images feature the five beautiful newborns, (four girls and one boy) posing with their mom, lined up in a row, all wrapped in either a pink, purple, or blue blanket.

According to a post on the Facebook page she created to document her experience, Tucci states that her one-in-55 million chance pregnancy was the product of luck after the couple decided to try for a third child.

The quintuplets, Penelope, Beatrix, Allison, Tiffany and Keith, are all healthy and happy, and have become quite the little celebrities in their home country since their story went public.

To combat the financial issues that come along with welcoming five children at once, Kimberley and Vaughn have a GoFundMe page. Their goal of $47,000 is to help the family purchase a large enough vehicle to fit their 7 children, so they can take the newborns to and from medical appointments in one trip.

Click here to contribute to their cause and check out more photos of the newborns below.

Surprised by five
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This mom's photoshoot with her newborn quintuplets is cuteness overload
A recent photo of our five we call our tribe. Beatrix - Very calm and content, she frowns and cries if any of the other babies cry. Penelope - Fierce!! She is the smallest but mightiest. Allie - The ring leader! Allie has the loudest cry and will make sure she is heard. Tiffany - Very quiet and relaxed, she will wake to feed and loves to sleep. Keith - Adores to be cuddled and always has big wide eyes looking around at his surroundings. #Huggiesaustralia #Longlegs #Bestfriends #Vaughnsbballteam
What an amazing weekend with the babies and I on the front page of The Weekend West, as well as on the 6:00 news! I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who saw our story and donated to the Go Fund Me page that my Gran set up to try and bring us closer to our dream of having a van big enough to fit our entire family. We are blown away by the support and so thankful for each and every one of you. A Happy Mother's Day indeed. A big shout out to Nova 937 for the Mother's Day wishes. #Babiesfirstmothersday #Quintlove #Luckymama #Memories
The babies are off to another appointment today, I'm still overwhelmed by all the capsules lined up holding the precious cargo I call my babies. A big thank you to the ladies who helped transport my family to the medical centre, it took three cars but we did it!! ❤️ A big thank you to InfaSecure for our capsules💕 #Kickinggoals #High5 #Convoy
Thank you joining my Instagram feed! I'm #29weeks #pregnant with #quintuplets and couldn't be more excited that they're joining our beautiful family.
This absolutely stunning woman is expecting 5 babies 😀 Kim has a Facebook page dedicated to her pregnancy (surprised by five) where you can read all about her story! #surprisedbyfive #5babies #maternity #erinelizabethphotography #erinelizabeth #perthnewbornphotographer #perth #australianphotographer #newbornphotography #newbornphotographicworkshop #familyportraits #westernaustralianphotographer #portraitphotography #aipp #WAphotographer #babyphotography #childrenoftheworld #babiesoftheworld #newborn #australianbabyphotographer #perthbabyphotographer #koylab #newbornphotographyworkshop #USAphotographyworkshop #naturallightnewbornphotography #naturallight #newbornphotographymentoring

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