These are the hottest home trends right now, according to Instagram

 Designers Predict the Next Big Home Decor Trends of 2016

Outliers—if you've ever read the book by Malcolm Gladwell, you know very well what they are: stories of success. The best-selling author spent years studying the best, brightest, and most successful people in order to understand what makes high achievers stand out from the crowd.

If people can be outliers, so can trends, right? We put this theory to the test and turned to Instagram to uncover the common denominators that made interior photos go viral. We scoured our favorite Instagram accounts to unearth the images that performed exceedingly well, gathering an off-the-charts amount of likes.

What did we find? Recurring patterns aplenty: a lot of ornate crown moldings, delicate chandeliers, and herringbone floors. Curious to know what else makes people tap on Instagram? Click through the gallery below to find out.

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These are the hottest home trends right now, according to Instagram


Black-and-white design schemes are a strong recipe for success for minimalist fans on Instagram, but when you post geometric—or even better, cubic—tiles in a black and white interior, that's a double whammy. This room designed by French architects Royal Roulotte reached over 7000 likes.

Photo: @MyDomaine, design by @RoyalRoulotte


No surprise here… Moroccan rugs are plastered all over our Insta feeds, but here's the twist: Opt for colorful Boucherouite rugs as opposed to the more classic Beni Ourain. Used here as a wall hanging, this @apartmenttherapy photo amassed nearly 7000 likes. 

Photo: @apartmenttherapy, design by @HamletInteriors

The Moroccan Room Moroccan Rug ($1769)


Here's a recipe that works like a charm: Start with a Parisian interior with ornate crown moldings and herringbone floors (a must-have on Instagram), and throw in sculptural modern furniture. This beloved interior crossed the 7000-likes threshold into viral status.

Photo: Alex Profit for Marie-Claire Maison via @MyDomaine

La Chance Bolt Stool ($995)


Bathrooms are a strong performer overall on Insta, but throw in some subway tiles, marble countertops, and brass fixtures, and zoom in on the vanity. This vaguely nautical bathroom gathered 7900 likes.

Photo: @ChristopherStark, via @MyDomaine

Restoration Hardware Rivet Medicine Cabinet ($629)


Coachella attendees, rejoice. Southwestern is trending hard on Instagram. Navajo rugs, cacti, and leather chairs seems to be a winning combo for @homepolish, which got over 11,100 likes for this post.

Photo: @DustinForest via @Homepolish, design by @JenTalbotDesign

Kim Salmela Phoenix Pillow ($109)


At the intersection between sleek Malibu beach house and boho bungalow lies this trend infused with casual elegance and laid-back vibes. It's effortless, insanely chic, and beloved at 8500 likes. 

Photo: @TessaNeustadt via @MyDomaine, design by @AlexanderDesignBuild

The Moroccan Room Moroccan Rug ($2459)


At over 8600 likes, this Scandinavian interior proves that Nordic countries are still the uncontested kings of décor. Whitewashed wide-plank floors, towering Swedish fireplaces, and sleek furniture are crowd favorites.

Photo: @ChrisOpanderTonnesen via @MyDomaine


Surfing the boho Southwestern wave, tan leather is always an Instagram winner. It lends itself just as well to eclectic bohemian spaces as it does to sleek Parisian ones. This room by @homepolish is sitting at 12,900 likes and counting. 

Photo: @JuliaRobbs via @Homepolish, design by @NicoleneWKirk


Marble, herringbone floors with a cherry on top: a black-and-brass antique-style range. Are you even surprised this elegant kitchen amassed nearly 10,000 likes?

Photo: Bruce Buck for @NYTimes, via @MyDomaine

La Cornue CornuFé Stove ($9500)


Clawfoot tubs are the uncontested grand champions of bathrooms, relentlessly gathering top-of-the-chart amounts of likes. This bathroom also featured herringbone floors, subway tile, brass fixtures, and a Moroccan rug. No wonder it reached nearly 10,000 likes.

Photo: @Karel_Balas via @MyDomaine

Signature Hardware Lena Cast Iron Clawfoot Tub ($2220)


The #shelfie is a trending hashtag for a reason—expertly styled bookcases consistently perform well on Instagram. Bonus points if it features color-coded books and handmade pottery. Evidence: @ArchDigest's beloved post reached almost 10,000 likes.

Photo: @JessicaCamingore via @ArchDigest, design by @SFGirlByBay


Truthfully, no matter what your bathroom looks like, it will always get more likes if it prominently features luxe bath products. The common offenders: Diptyque, Aésop, and Grown Alchemist. Blame it on our love for cozy boutique hotels. This bathroom was well-loved at 8500 likes.

Photo: @AlexanderWhiteSthlm via @MyDomaine


Apparently it's not just Sia who wants to swing from chandeliers, as they are the common denominator of many top-performing posts. This Parisian flea market chandelier hanging over a minimal monochrome Scandinavian room was liked almost 9000 times.

Photo: Peter Kragballe for @CerealMag via @MyDomaine

Visual Comfort Paris Flea Market Chandelier ($1781)


Navy and indigo tones just might get you close to 10,000 likes, especially if combined with herringbone floors and midcentury classics like Saarinen executive chairs. 

Photo: @BjornWallander for @ArchDigest


Which part of this room performed best? Is it the clawfoot tub, herringbone floors, subway tiles, or the seafoam-green walls? Probably a combination of all of the above, but other similarly hued bathrooms have also outperformed their counterparts. This one got love nearly 10,000 times. 

Photo: Julien Fernandez for @InsideOutMag via @MyDomaine

Farrow & Ball Vividly Contemporary Paint ($99)


Last but certainly not least, if there's one décor trend that guarantees high engagement, it's #dogsofinstagram. Brooklyn Decker's pup seems to agree—he received over 8,500 likes.

Think you can pull off this décor trend? Here's what you need to know before adopting a puppy.

Photo: Casey Dunn for @MyDomine


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