The Filharmonic dishes on their creative process

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We don't have to tell you that The Filharmonic is one of the most talented a cappella groups of our generation -- their viral YouTube videos can speak for themselves on that one. Whether it's a new rendition on Top 100 hit like "Work" by Rihanna or mashing up five different tracks into one seamless song, The Filharmonic knows how to put their own signature spin on every piece of music they touch.

This unique sound is what landed them praise week after week as they competed in NBC's "The Sing Off" and what led them to nab coveted on-screen roles in "Pitch Perfect 2" and a cameo for "The Late Late Show with James Corden." Most recently, the group took their trademark a cappella music across the country on their Get Up & Go tour.

And at the rate The Filharmonic is going, they show no signs of slowing down. So if you haven't had the opportunity to get to know the group on a more personal level, here's your chance. We recently spoke with Jules Cruz and Niko Del Rey about the formation of their a cappella six-piece, what life was like on "The Pitch Perfect 2" and more!

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How has your music process changed since being on "The Sing Off"? How do you arrange or select your music?
Jules Cruz: I think on the show, something we realized is that there was so much more than just the music. There was the delivery of it too and we've taken that into account now that we're on our own. Trace is the kind of guy who will try and figure out songs that we should be arranging. We all kind of chip in on how we should be changing the song and we all arrange the music, which is something we're really proud of. We'll arrange different pop songs that we like or that our fans request.. It's a big thing for us to make sure that we're doing songs that our fans want to hear and have it be music that we want to do as well.

Would you say then your fans have a big role in how you choose your songs?
Niko Del Rey: Yeah! They're the ones who show us the most love, so we're going to try to make them happy. I know they appreciate our music so we in turn appreciate them, and give them the songs hey want to hear.

How has social media changed the way you operate as a group?
Jules Cruz: It's just an amazing thing that we can be constantly interacting with our fans. We do our best to make new videos. And it keeps us constantly working, since our fans are waiting every second for something new. I think also for us being able to hear from our fans and exactly what they want is amazing.

What has the experience been like for you doing a cappella as a profession and not just in a college setting?
Jules Cruz: It's interesting. We're breaking the borders trying to do this professionally and make it more than what it used to be. It is kind of scary sometimes too.

What was life like while on set of "Pitch Perfect 2"?
Niko Del Rey: It was crazy. We got off the plane the same night we were on set for wardrobe. And after wardrobe Elizabeth Banks came to us with open arms and hugged us. She was super professional and went back to work. We got to see them film which was exciting. And then the next day, we filmed all day and met a bunch of people. It was an amazing memory that I will never forget.

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