Taylor Swift 'believes in a thing called love' in new Apple Music commercial

Taylor Swift Gives a Home Tour and it Gets Emojified
Taylor Swift Gives a Home Tour and it Gets Emojified

Another day, another Taylor Swift Apple music commercial.

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The Princess of Pop, Taylor Swift, released yet another Apple Music commercial and this one most defintiely shows off the Grammy winner's dancing ability. Swift wants to have a quiet night at home, so many would think, let's throw on some classical music and open up a bottle of wine, right? Nope.

Instead, she decides to let loose and pops on The Darkness' "I Believe in a Thing Called Love," and goes to town, hoping up on her coffee table and all. Check out the whole dance routine below, and we dare you to not download the song after you watch (even though you should already be listening to The Darkness, just saying).

You want to get up and dance, don't you?

Check out more Taylor Swift love in the gallery below.

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